Août et Octobre 2016

Présentation de la création de 20 minutes le 31 octobre 2016

This project was based on the interconnectivity and harmonization of three groups of young people (26 young people aged 12 to 21) involved in different artistic mediums, such as Hip Hop dance, music and animated film. The goal was to bring these groups together and associate them to build together a common creation. A residency of artists was then organized in Villers-sur-Fère from August 17 to 28, 2015 (15 days in total immersion at 5:30 workshop per day) and a last week of residence from October 26 to 31 at the Théâtre de la Manufacture, which ended with a performance (lasting 20 minutes) in the same venue on the evening of Saturday October 31st.

Bee D and Kami acted as choreographer for the group of dancers on this project.

This project has allowed young people from diverse artistic backgrounds and diverse socio-economic backgrounds to get to know each other, to get closer to each other and to sublimate themselves together, which represents a great victory in terms of social ties and the emergence of talent. individual and collective.