In the field of training, the company has given many introductory and advanced courses throughout France and Europe. It is important to mention the collaboration with the social center Saint-Martin, a priority district of the city of Saint-Quentin in Hauts-de-France. Since 2007, the company’s dancers have trained two generations of promising dancers. Some have become professionals, others teach the discipline in turn. They formed their own association, UNSTABLE CREW, and present many creations in the department. They are now in their twenties, and the second generation, made up of teenagers aged 12 to 17, follows the same path that was formed in the Junior Association. These young people presented the INCASABLE creation at the Manufacture and the Jean Vilar Theater in 2017.

Kami and Bee D were the choreographers of this ambitious project that culminated after a two-year work with young people on a 40-minute hybrid creation mixing hip-hop dancers, musicians and animated filmmakers. Kami and Bee D were also involved in a project to choreograph a creation, during an exchange of young Europeans, bringing together the dancers of UNSTABLE CREW, with other dancers from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Belgium. This project called EUR’IPOPE took place in 2013 in Saint-Quentin.

The following year, they start the same project in Bulgaria, to build a creation with other young people from the Balkan countries. We must also note the collaboration with the association “& nbsp; Emmetrop & nbsp;” of Bourges since 2014 which has also allowed the formation of young dancers who have subsequently created their own association « Eighteen Crew ».

Finally, let us note the collaboration of Kami with Patrick Dupont and Leïla Da Rocha in 2009, on a project of creation around the 500 years of the town hall of Saint-Quentin with the different schools of dance of the city.