Julien Saint Maximin 

« Bee D »

Self-taught in Hip Hop dance, Bee D distinguishes himself with his unique repertoire of movements and original style. He became famous touring the battle scene, while also being a choreographer, dancer and founder of the Phase T crew. He has won several titles including French Champion, European Champion, and 4th place in the Break Dance World Championships (BOTY 2005).

In 2012, he created Yeah Yellow with Kami and competed with this group in numerous international battles. He won with Kami and the french team the World Championships Outbreak in Slovakia in 2016. Alongside the competition, Bee D has been involved in several other companies including Black Blanc Beur, Des Equilibres, Cie A/ R, Collectif A.O.C.

He has worked with several choreographers : Régis Obadia, Lionel Hoche, Misok Séo, Georges Momboye, Pierre Rigal… and he has performed in the circus show « Africa Africa » by André Heller.