Camille Regneault 

« Kami »

Formerly a national level gymnast, then self-taught in Hip Hop dance, Kami created the “Compagnie EliôZ” in 2007 of which she is the choreographer. She then started the spinoff company Yeah Yellow in 2012 with Bee D.

She has also been a dancer for Pierre Rigal’s “Compagnie Dernière Minute” since 2008, in the shows «Asphalte», «Standards», «Paradis Lapsus» and «Scandale» performed worldwide including Paris, Sidney, Sofia, London, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi, Surabaya, Jakarta… She has also been working with other choreographers, namely Hervé Sika, Mohamed Rouabhi, and Emilie Carayol.

At the same time, she competes in breakdance battle competitions with Yeah Yellow in France (three times French Champion: 2013, 2015, 2016) and in several world competitions (Champion of the World Championship Breakdance Unbreakable in 2018, Silver Medal in the 2016 World Championships, Silver Medal in the International Hip Obsession in France, 9th rank at the International Silverback open B-Boy USA).