Choreography: Camille Regneault “Kami” et Julien Saint Maximin “Bee D”

Dancers: Camille Regneault “Kami” , Julien Saint Maximin “Bee D”, Steve Kamseu, Antonio M’vuani, Ouili Nana, Ludovic Rodriguez, Mounir Alhmin, Yann Crayssac, Mohamed Igouramane

Yeah Yellow has built a dynamic show performed by nine enthusiastic dancers. Specialized in Bboying and Freestyle Hip Hop, these dancers fully express their creativity, originality, and joie-de-vivre to claim the yellow color that they seized. The yellow color is for them a symbol of Sun, Strength, and Light.

 Prize :

  • 3rd place at the “Battle of The Year” competition in Montpellier in May 2016
  • 1st prize in the choreographic contest of the “Soul Hip Hop” festival in Montluçon in June 2016,
  • 1st prize at Campeonato Navarro Hip Hop in Tudela, Spain in April 2018
  • 1st prize at the Next Urban Legend contest in Sevran in May 2018

The show exists in two versions:

  • a 6-minute version created in May 2016 for the “Battle of The Year” competition in Montpellier.
  • a 13-minute version created in August 2017 for an order from the Breakin ‘Convention US Tour Festival.


They support the show yeah yellow sunshine

This project is supported by the Breakin’Convention Festival and the Immigration Museum.